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MAVS Court

Military & Veteran Services

Who We Are

The Military & Veteran Services Specialized Docket, known as MAVS, is a voluntary specialized docket with a focus on helping Veterans recover from addiction, deal with mental health issues, and regain their honor by reducing criminal behavior. Certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio, MAVS is an opportunity for participants to engage in treatment rather than facing incarceration.

Our Mission

MAVS strives to honor the commitment of the participants who serve their country by guiding and assisting them in rebuilding their lives in the face of addiction and/or mental health issues that have led them to become involved in the criminal justice system.

" This docket honors justice involved veterans by evidence based practices and intensive probation to assist them in healing and resuming a normal life."

— Judge Ted Barrows, Former Judge of MAVS


Why utilize MAVS?

What to Expect

Participants in MAVS Agree to the following:
  • Satisfy program phase requirements 
  • Participate in status review hearings
  • Meet with probation officers and coordinators 
  • Participate in drug and alcohol screens and treatment plans
  • Utilize veteran services to qualify for benefits 
  • Connect with a peer mentor
  • Consult a lawyer
  • Discuss case transfer with assigned judge
  • Talk with the prosecutor about referral
  • Request mental health/substance abuse assessment with Coordinators
  • Schedule a MAVS start date
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