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Local Rules


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The Local Rules govern practice and procedure for cases filed in Franklin County Municipal Court. They are adopted consistent with the Ohio Constitution, Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, and the Rules of Superintendence.

Recently Changed Rules

Local Rule 9.06(G): Written Lease Agreements / Instruments

The Court has enacted Local Rule 9.06(G), effective March 4, 2024. The new Rule requires written lease agreements or instruments to be attached to complaints when a claim for restitution of premises is founded on a written lease agreement or instrument. The Rule will apply to complaints filed on or after the effective date of March 4, 2024.

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Local Rule 13, Schedule 9.00: Cost Schedule

Effective January 1, 2024, the Court has enacted significant revisions to the cost schedule. Highlights include: the Clerk’s office will now offer service on civil cases by commercial carrier (FedEx) at the cost of $15; the cost of USPS certified mail has been increased to $10; and the cost of service will be assessed per instance of service for initial civil pleadings other than eviction. The revised schedule also includes revised fees charged by Court Reporters for preparation of transcripts.

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Access Local Rules

RULE 1: Individual Assignment Download PDF RULE 2: The Judiciary Download PDF RULE 3: Duties of Counsel Download PDF RULE 4: Criminal Practice Download PDF RULE 5: Traffic Practice Download PDF RULE 6: Civil Practice Download PDF RULE 7: Magistrates Download PDF RULE 8: Assignment & Jury Commissioners Download PDF RULE 9: Duties of Clerk Download PDF RULE 10: Court Reporters Download PDF RULE 11: Small Claims Practices Download PDF RULE 12: Termination of Cases Download PDF
RULE 13: Misdemeanors
Schedule 4.01 – 4.041 Download PDF Bail Schedules Schedule 4.05 Download PDF Fines in Misdemeanor Cases - Columbus Schedule 5.04 Download PDF Fines in Traffic Cases- Columbus Fines in Traffic Cases - Ohio Revised Code Schedule 6.00 Download PDF Franklin County Home Incarceration Program Schedule 7.00 Download PDF PUCO Fine Schedule - Ohio Revised Code Schedule 8.01 Download PDF Fines in Misdemeanor Cases - Upper Arlington Schedule 9.00 Download PDF Costs and Fees - FCMC Schedule 10.00 Download PDF Fine Schedule - Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District Schedule 10.01 Download PDF Fine Schedule - Dept. of Natural Resources Division of Natural Areas and Preserves Schedule 10.02 Download PDF Fine Schedule - Fines for Violation of Rules and Regulations for Parks Located in the Unincorporated Areas of Hamilton Township Schedule 10.03 Download PDF Fine Schedule - Fines for Violations of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1547, and the Rules of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft Schedule 11.00 Download PDF Fines for Fire Code Violation - Prairie Township Schedule 11.01 Download PDF Fines for Fire Code Violation - Franklin Township Schedule 11.02 Download PDF Fines for Fire Code Violation - Madison Township (Canal Winchester and Groveport) Schedule 11.03 Download PDF Fine Schedule - Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife
RULE 14: Forms and Abbreviations Download PDF RULE 15: Case Flow Management Procedures Download PDF RULE 16: Appointed Counsel Download PDF RULE 17: Parking Violation Appeal Process Download PDF

Proposed Rule Changes

There are no proposed changes to any current local rules. Check back periodically for updates. Proposed changes are published for 30 days and comments are taken into consideration prior to adoption.

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