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LINC Court

Learning to Identify & Navigate Change

Who We Are

LINC Court, formally Mental Health Court, is a program for defendants who are facing a charge and living with serious mental health issues. LINC is a diverse group consisting of a presiding judge, defense and prosecuting attorneys, clinicians, probation officers, and community treatment providers.

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Our Mission

The LINC program aids defendants in navigating the legal and mental health system. The program works to promote public safety by providing a structure for participants to get appropriate treatment while being held accountable for their actions. LINC works with community providers to make sure participants are complying with mental health and substance use treatment recommendations.

"It is truly exciting to see individuals change the path of their lives. The commitment of our participants and the positive changes in their lives that result is incredibly inspiring and represents true justice."

— Judge Cindi Morehart, Former Judge of LINC


Why utilize specialized dockets?

Doctor holding Green ribbon for mental health awareness

Requirements and Guidelines

LINC follows Supreme Court requirements and guidelines for entry into the program. The process includes:

  • Speak to attorney regarding LINC
  • Get referred and agreement from defending attorney, prosecutor, or referring Judge
  • Complete an initial screening and potential mental health assessment
  • Complete 4-6 week trial period
  • Plea into LINC
  • Comply with the rules and treatment set forth by LINC staff
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