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Vehicle Sanctions

The Vehicle Sanctions Division processes interlock driving privileges and the release, relocation, immobilization, and forfeiture of vehicles seized during a traffic stop.  

The following is required to get a vehicle relocated:

After the Judge grants a release or relocation of the vehicle, a certified copy of the entry must be taken to the charging police agency's designated location.


Agency Main Contact
Alcolock Ohio Inc. (855) 771-3683
(614) 771-5625
Intoxalock (877) 777-5020
(515) 331-7643
Lifesafer Interlock* (888) 252-4045 (option 1)
Lowcost Interlock (800) 352-4872
Ohio Interlock (866) 616-3133
Smart Start (800) 880-3394
* If found indigent you must use the Lifesafer interlock company.